2020 Petworth Festival Special to include our
10th Anniversary Literary Week: 16 October – 1 November

General Enquiries 01798 343055 info@petworthfestival.org.uk

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Step 1 - Select your 'ticket' type

How to view events online

  • On purchase of your ‘ticket’ you will be emailed a ‘viewing token’. This is a code which will give you access to an online event. One viewing token gives you one viewing of the event of your choice.
  • To view an event, click here and enter the viewing token code and the email address used when booking where asked. The start time for each event is given on the website and in the brochure.
  • Viewing tokens can only be used once. Viewing tokens may be used by the purchaser or passed on to other people, e.g. someone buying five tokens may either view five events themselves, or could distribute the codes to five friends for them each to watch a single event of their choosing.
  • Holders of full Festival Passes will be able to watch each event once only.
  • Each performance event lasts approximately one hour.
  • Literary events are live streamed (with the exception of James Naughtie and Joanna Trollope) and will include Q&A from the online audience. If you are unable to watch the live-streamed Literary events, the recording of each Literary event will be available to view online from the following day, using a viewing token, until midnight 7 November.
  • During the live literary events, questions may be submitted by typing them into the Q&A box. Viewers will still be able to watch the event while submitting questions, which will be relayed in real time to the speaker/interviewer. Please note, this may only be done while the event is live.
Festival Pass - ALL Events
The full Festival Pass is like a season ticket and can only be used by the holder. The full Festival Pass holder will receive one viewing code which will be valid for one view of each individual event.
Festival Pass - Any 10 Events
On purchase of your 10 ‘ticket’ Festival Pass, you will be emailed 10 viewing tokens.
Festival Pass - Any 5 Events
On purchase of your 5 ‘ticket’ Festival Pass, you will be emailed 5 viewing tokens.
One event
On purchase of your ‘ticket’ you will be emailed a ‘viewing token’.