2020 Petworth Festival Special to include our
10th Anniversary Literary Week: 16 October – 1 November

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Vanessa Branson - One Hundred Summers

Available: Wednesday 28 October LIVE at 12noon - on demand until midnight Saturday 7 November

Sorry, this event isn't currently live. The event will be available to view on Wednesday 28 October LIVE at 12noon.

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“I’m always taken aback when people write with powerful eloquence and flair. Like when I hear the first bars of music from a song, I could tell this was going to be a wonderful book from the very first page.” Annie Lennox

West Sussex-based Vanessa Branson tells the story of one of Britain’s most extraordinary and famous families – her own.

Creating one of Africa’s important art events, the Marrakech Biennale, forging a career in the male dominated art world, becoming an accidental hotelier and travel entrepreneur and leading conservation work in Scotland and beyond: Vanessa Branson’s life would have been eventful enough even without a billionaire in the family, her brother Richard. In conversation with Anthony Horowitz, Vanessa takes us through her family’s experience of the first and second world wars, the rough and tumble of a village childhood, from Cool Britannia and beyond. One Hundred Summers weaves a tapestry of English eccentrics, heroes, lovers and villains, and is a touching and at times heart-breaking reverie on fortune, fate and passion.

Vanessa Branson will be in conversation with Anthony Horowitz.

Vanessa Branson (photo: Leila Aloui)

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